Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A dollar is all it takes.

Well, actually it's going to take 100,000 dollars but all I'm asking for is one dollar. That one dollar will help pay for our student loans. That's it. One dollar. Four quarters. Ten dimes. One dollar. You can use the Chipin link in the top right. Secure and simple.

Then I need 99,999 more people to give one dollar. That's only 2 sold out games at Yankee Stadium.

Why should you give one dollar? Or any money at all? Why should you give a handout? If for no other reason than to help someone in need. We went to school with the help of student loans. When we got out we both struggled to find work. We deferred our payments. Years went by.  My wife is now a college professor and I'm a playwright but the balance of our loans has skyrocketed. So now we're seeing if the kindness of strangers will help bring us through this mess.

We're thinking of a way to thank everyone who gives. Stay tuned. And thank you.